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clearly, it's not me that makes this selfie awesome =)

Howdy!  (I'm not from Texas.  I just picked that up from my dad who wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.)  My name is Theresa.  I am a 30-something wife and homeschooling mother of five.  I am Catholic, and am trying to be better at it: loving Christ and the Church, glorifying God through my ordinary life.  I love my husband (note: tell him more) and my children (note: yell at them less).  Much of my daily routine revolves around picking up books and toys off of the floor and trying to remember where I set down my coffee.   

I'm a happy homebody and card-carrying introvert. But... I have been known to occasionally leave the house and make new friends!  It's a big deal when I do.  I like making friends here on the interwebs, as well!  

I love American history, especially cultural history.  I have degrees in French (oui, oui!) and history and even an advanced degree in American history, but those things rarely come into play while I'm crafting bean and cheese burritos for lunch, doling out writing assignments for bad behavior, or toilet training the toddler.  But I love to sing me a good Frere Jacques or Sur la Pont d'Avignon with the kids now and then.  And I still read some history when I can.

Other things I like: books, toys, coffee.  My husband and kiddos.  Sewing.  CROCHET!!!  Books.  Reading.  Reading books.  Indian food, Mexican food, most kinds of food.  Not bananas. Most kinds of beer.  Not porters.  And not IPA's.  Flannel sheets.  And did I mention books?  And sewing?  And crochet?  And coffee?  And my family?  Ok.  Yep, that about covers it.

This blog is equal parts prayer, self exhortation, scrapbook, fun space, and show-and-tell.  Considered, but rejected, blog titles were:  I’m So Distracted Right Now; I Should Be Doing Laundry; Keeping the Crazy at Bay; Who Said Anything About Normal?, Five Kids For Sale - hard workers, no cavities (Oh, wait… that one’s a draft for Craigslist…)

My blog IS called Ordinary Lovely.  My life is very ordinary, but it is very dear to me.  God gives me so many glimpses of His goodness in the workings and rhythms of our everyday family life.  My ordinary life isn’t “blah.”  Most of the time, if I’m paying attention, I realize it jam-packed with Grace, and it’s really rather lovely. 

I like to write about my kids, homemaking, parenting, sewing and crocheting, caring for our child with type 1 diabetes, homeschooling, books, Faith, and lots of other stuff.  This blog will never be about just one thing.  I hope you hang out here with me and enjoy the variety!  

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You can read my first ever blog post here!

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And here's a little about my family... so you know where the craziness is coming from and so you can visualize the cuties I spend my days with!  

Aaron, 8

God gave him a brain for puzzles and problem solving and construction.
He decides to do a project and he. does. it.
Legos, Legos, Legos.
He pushes scotch tape to limits even 3-M didn't know existed. 
Loves to vacuum and most other housework (wahoo!)
 He is his best self when he is involved in some major manual labor project - splitting and stacking wood, painting the garage, raking (the whole neighborhood), shoveling (the whole neighborhood), hauling trash, etc... 
 Likes to watch squirrels, eat cucumbers, and listen to classical music at bedtime.   
Aaron has type 1 diabetes.  I sometimes write about it here.

Dominic, 7

Sweet.  Sensitive. Thoughtful.  Goofy.  
Our "little theologian" or "child psychologist."  He easily puts into words deep truths and insightful observations that adults have trouble verbalizing even after years of therapy. 
He will sing contentedly to himself - this morning I heard strains of Red River Valley coming from the living room. 
He doesn't sit still for too long!  
Makes amazing connections between things that are only remotely related. 
He can't resist a story.  If you pick up a book he's on your lap in an instant.  
Is becoming a fine artist.
Has an intense enthusiasm for football and most sports.  But especially football.
Likes to cuddle, loves granola, and he's a bit of a hoarder - you can find some pretty wacky things under his pillow!

Ruth, 4

Well, we don't call her sweetie for nothing. 
She transports stacks of books around the house searching for someone to read to her.  Rarely puts books away.   
She's the only four-year-old I know who can sing the intro to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  
She has no emotional attachment to the sweet dolls I make her (sniff), but drags her "Polkadots" (a blanket) all over the place.  
Likes her purse, but prefers her backpack. 
Narrates her day in the third person.  It's hysterical!  
Wants to be an artist when she grows up because she "just loves the beauty!"  
Likes Twizzlers, flip-flops, Tomie dePaola books, and is very good at getting sticky food in her hair.
Hates when I have to brush her hair.

Clare Louise, 2

Ohhhhhh, Clare.  She's a handful.  But she's a toddler, so I shouldn't be surprised.  
Before Clare came along, Russ and I always wondered, Exactly what is a "Daddy's Girl?" Now we know.  It's Clare.  She's "Daddya" crazy. 
She sneaks yarn and hooks and does pretend crochet .  She just loves it and often asks to do "my suh-shay."  It is my plan to have her adept by age 4 so I can finally have a crochet buddy!
 She loves her baby brother and her baby doll, Sally.  
She tears apart the book shelf to find that one. particular. book. every time.  
Likes to sing.  I especially like her renditions of "Rockin' Robin" and the Beach Boys', "Barbara Ann."
Is very polite =)

James, almost 1!

He's a delight in every way!   
Smiley.  Gurgle-y.  Flailing about when he's happy. 
A fine specimen of a baby! 
Sleeping a little more like a normal baby since I sacrificed caffeine for him.
 He likes mother's milk and grabbing his sisters' hair and... well, a lot of the finer nuances of his personality and preferences are yet to be developed.  I'll keep you posted :)
climbs.  stairs.  (help!)

He's Russ. 

He's fun-loving.  Me... not so much.  
He's spontaneous. I'm not. 
He's adventuresome.  Pas moi.  
He's thrifty.  I'm.... well.  Another time.
He can hold it all together when I start to lose my grip and there's a danger of it all falling apart.  (I'm talking here about the laundry schedule, of course...)  
He's wonderful.  And he's mine all mine!
(oh, and the kids like him, too!)


  1. You write almost as good as your Mother for the ALLUNY paper...I can't wait for more...

  2. So Mary made me come. And I'm so glad she did! Kindly slap one of those GFC widgets in your sidebar so I can followfollowfollowfollow yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    (I swear I'm not drunk)

    1. Yeah! Welcome Dwija! (Thanks Mary! You are my how-to-start-a-blog consultant, and now my advertiser too!)
      Dwija, I've been reading your blog for a while now and love it! I'm still getting started and don't even have a handle on what "following" is yet - but it sounds like it could git me s'more readers! I think I may have an easier time reading the blogs I like if I started "following" them. (You'll be among my first, of course.) I'll work on it this weekend.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. figured out the "follow" stuff. Thanks for the motivation! I'm now ready to start amassing a following. (It sounds like part of a plot to lure unsuspecting readers to my top secret bunker... I shall be their leader and they shall be my followers.) Not drunk ;)

  3. Hello Theresa, I clicked over here from a comment you left on Mary's blog too. I really liked your series on Type 1 diabetes, I have a high school classmate that was diagnosed as an adult with Type 1. He is also a super athlete who does marathons and iron mans, so he has learned how to do those activities while managing his Type 1 too. I also have a sister who had a severe case of gestational diabetes and now has to manage her Type 2. I like how you described the differences between the two, and I didn't realize Type 1 was an autoimmune issue. Your son's videos are great, he is such an inspiration and has a great attitude and outlook. I also have 5 kids and homeschool so I'll have to check out some of your other posts. Thanks for all the info, I'll add you to my bloglovin roll.

  4. Hi Theresa,

    I love the idea of "Ordinary Lovely." I too live a very ordinary life but think there is a lot of extraordinary in the ordinary. Your freezer meal recipes look delicious. I'm a big fan of cooking once and eating twice. Freezer meals are perfect for that!

    Mrs. C.

  5. Hi!

    My husband has type 1 diabetes. It's definitely a big part of our life, even if we wish it weren't. :)


    1. Hi Emily! We can share the bond of knowing what it's like to live with t1d loved ones! It's not easy on them, and it's not easy on the family. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!


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